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The Swedes

John Berquist
and the South Side Swedes

The Swedes

A bit of history. . .

A few years ago we got new neighbors in the apartment where we were living, and not long after I heard the strains of an accordion from the back steps. I followed the sounds, and soon John Berquist (the fingers behind the accordion) and I were messing around with a few tunes. It turned out John was from Minnesota, and although we hadnt played together when I lived there we did know quite a few of the same musicians and shared an interest in playing dance music.

John landed a New Years gig towards the end of the last millennium, and the South Side Swedes were born, usually with me on guitar and mandolin, John on accordion and guitar, and other musicians filling out on guitar, fiddle, or bass. The line-up eventually stabilized to include Mary Alsopp on fiddle, and in the Spring of 2001 John decided he'd like to make a recording of some of the repertoire the band played, as well as a few other tunes. The compact disk described below was the result.

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CD cover, Berquist and the Swedes


John Berquist, vocals (v), 2 row button accordion (a), guitar (g)
Mary Alsopp, fiddle (f)
Larry Zbikowski, guitar (g) and tenor banjo (tb)

The Tunes:

  1. Only When I Dance With You (Berquist): JBa; LZg
  2. Uti Vaar Hage (Trad. Swedish): JBv, g, a; LZg
  3. Villi Ruusu (Suonio): JBa; MAf; LZg
  4. Chikago (Lindstrom): JBv, a; LZg, tb
  5. Ringness Schottische (Trad. Norwegian): JBa; MAf; LZg
  6. Glade Aalesound (Per Bolstad): JBa; MAf; LZg
  7. Slap Happy (Berquist): JBa; LZg
  8. Out in Our Meadow (Trad. Swedish; trans. Berquist): JBv, g; LZg
  9. Metaskukkia (Trad. Finnish): JBa; MAf; LZg
  10. Lordags Waltz (Flere): JBa; MAf; LZg
  11. Northern Wind (Joik; Berquist): JBa; LZg

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For booking or ordering information contact John Berquist at:

815 SW 7th Avenue
Rochester MN 55902

e-mail: abjb123[AT]earthlink[DOT]net

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